The main story of Puppet Nightmares can be cycled through multiple times. This way, players can discover any hidden goodies they may have missed on earlier playthroughs, as well as increase the game's difficulty for a much greater challenge.

Game OverEdit

A Game Over occurs when a player's remaining spirit reaches 0. The player will then be pushed back to the beginning of the current episode and have to suffer several harsh penalties.

The following are possessions you will lose during a Game Over if you do not have a Protection Coin .

Marbles - You will lose all of your marbles, without exception. Items - You will lose all of your consumable items. Equipment - You will lose equipment marked as Temporary. Auctions - All of your auctions will close and the items will either be returned to you, or taken away. Trade - All of the incomplete trades you have initiated with another player will have the contents that belong to you wiped. Coins - You will lose 50% of your total coin amount.

Relevant ObjectsEdit

The following will explain the mentioned items.

Item Explanation Protection Coins You can buy these from the Credit Shop. They prevent the loss of possessions you currently have in the event of a Game Over. Spirit Every player starts the game with 10 spirit, which can be refilled at the Credit Shop when you are low. Note that starting an episode or encountering a game over restores this to 10. Temporary Equips These will become Permanent when you move onto the next episode or safely restart from the end of the current.

Account ResetEdit

Beware that resetting your story from the account menu carries the same penalties as a Game Over.

Click the button within your menu at the top left of your window. Click the button. Read and understand the penalties mentioned here. Confirm your choice, you have now restarted to the beginning of the game's story and can select a higher difficulty if Tutorial Mode is Off. Account Difficulty Change To change the difficulty from your account menu do the following:

Click the button within your menu at the top left of your window. Open the drop box and select a new lower difficulty . You cannot raise your difficulty this way, only lower it!